Sketching at 40 degrees


The beginning of a new adventure brings anticipation and excitement in even the most difficult challenges. I have sold the house, gotten rid of all the furniture, well actually gotten rid of almost everything. My paints, photos and clothes are all that’s left and here I am in Toronto going to Art School. I rent a small room from a dear friend in a beautiful part of the city.  There are no encumbrances, just sketch and paint. A new friend came all the way across the city on Sunday to sit under a tree and sketch with me. She is delightful and our perseverance and determination in sweltering heat astonished both of us. It didn’t matter if what we accomplished amounted to much, it was that we did it. She had her towel which she used to sit on and I sat on my empty canvas bag. I placed everything I had in it strategically over all the ant holes and tucked the edge of my dress so they couldn’t crawl somewhere sensitive. What was to start at ten thirty didn’t get started until one thirty and we lasted until three thirty in sweltering heat with a feeling of accomplishment for having just done it. Thank you Vee!

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